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Regular check-ins with your team improves trust, engagement and mental well-being. Celebrate and recognize teammates work to build a more team-focused culture.

dotplan is designed to help improve the mental well-being of your team and improve company culture.

  • Reduce Anxiety and Loneliness
    By sharing daily check-ins with each other and taking part in group questions, you can improve the feeling of closeness with your team.
  • Feel Valuable
    Recognizing and sharing your daily achievements helps you feel a valuable part of a team and improves motivation.
  • Team Empathy
    With team check-ins and group questions, you can get to know your teammates better, helping to improve company culture.

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dotplan pitch at Founders Live

Alan will be giving a pitch for dotplan at Founders Live Fukuoka online event on Friday Febuary 26th. You can watch the event live on YouTube

Alan Bradburne

4 min read

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